The cannabis plant was grown for centuries all around the world and already ancient civilizations used it for medicinal use.

We also believe in the miraculous power of cannabis, so we started producing our own high-quality cannabis products with which we wanted to help our family members and friends on their way to health and well-being. The story has grown into Bioteca, a heartfelt brand under which we create products that are made with love and care for people and nature.

Top quality, sustainability and environmentally friendly production are the heart of everything we do and help us in the pursuit of achieving our vision – to help people reclaim their natural balance.

Local and sustainable production

01 – Sustainable Cultivation
Our hemp plantations are located in Vipava valley, a region boasting superb agricultural conditions. Along with great care and profound knowledge, we grow our hemp as naturally as possible, using no chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

03 – Strict Analysis
We first test the extracts of all our products inhouse. After meeting the strict criteria, we send a sample to a third-party laboratory for further analysis. Only when we sure the product cannot get any better, it is time for it to reach you.

02 – Quality of the product
When processing hemp, we only use the best, fully matured, hand-selected flowers. We perform our extractions with a highly customisable extraction system, relying on supercritical CO2 technology. Our batches are small, so we can have full control over the quality of the end product.

04 – Full spectrum CBD
All of our products contain extracted CBD that is naturally present in the plant, along with the rest of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds. The medicine containing the whole essence of the plant can manifest its full power in what we call the entourage effect.

When science works with nature

Combination of innovation and passion is what drives Bioteca today.

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